Saturday, March 12, 2016

Betting firms subconscious media methods..


The subconscious media methods betting firms are allowed use is mind blowing to say the least , Betting firms can now grab hold of new customers through  social media networks. They are also allowed to overloading US with intense psychology bombardment with constant emails & tweets that YOU need  to join  to the point they overwhelm you. FACT 

Just go to your twitter/facebook search bar. 
Type betting  Click on here in your search bar and look at all the tweets/comments from  betting firm accounts.  Leaving certain betting triggers to sit in your subconscious thoughts.
Yes,  betting firms are a ruthless profit making machine and they need and will make a profit by ways of psychology dictatorship which is not being policed or monitored. 

It's starting to get to the stage, now more than ever that problem gamblers are arising from 
these psychology cult methodson social media, online media , tv ads etc. 
In recent years betting firms have  moved these cult methods into the high street and local betting shops starting with virtual races.  "Nothing virtual about a winner" and now FOBTS.    

It's only a matter of time and its starting to show now that betting firms can tell you,yes you on who what and how to bet on by using subconscious psychology on social media, online betting, tv ads, text alerts, emails.
Betting firms are using psychology methods that all supermarkets use for example  putting ATM's to the back of shop so you have to pass all the aisles to get to the ATM. They then put  all the sweets,drinks,lottery to the front of the tills. How many of us have gone into a supermarket and always end up spending more?
Its the same psychology principles  betting firms are now using. Hence why problem gamblers are gambling on Accas, Virtuals and FOBTS.
Irony is when betting firms show their true colors by marking your cards on your online account
just as you find a way of making a profit from themThey then find a way of pushing you away from their doorstep restrictions errors in logging in etc #Fact.

Betting firms are a business , they need to make a profit to stay in business unless stopped . They will continue to  use subconscious psychology and leave no stone unturned to trigger your gambling urges.. Its scary to think they have used Addiction councilors to advise them on core triggers for gamblers.  
"All in aid of helping gamblers of course "

Betting firms have a lot to answer to, regarding these issues and  the surge of problem gamblers, as they are the ones implementing   subconscious psychology !  but yet they will not take the responsibility  of having protocols in place to help problem gamblers which they are responsible for by continually using  psychology triggers. 
Key question to  ask yourself as you find yourself standing in front of  the form guide for the 
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