Sunday, November 02, 2014

We are the Terms and Conditions slaves of modern online betting firms........

Welcome Slaves, my punishment team of term and conditions are waiting for you....

The get out of jail free card 
Terms and Conditions betting firms rite of passage.
None more so than in the world of online ponzi betting. Where the more you win the more you encounter the enforcement team of  Mr Terms and Conditions.
Its a simple fact that with the little statutory rights we have it goes right out the door when we sign up with any of the Online betting firms. Even if you had the twenty hours to read through the T&Cs it won't matter ? because when a dispute arises a wonderful event of doctrine happens to T&Cs  to suit in favour of yes, wait for it  the betting firm.

Bet (pardon the pun) you never spotted the classic T&Cs staple of all ponzi betting firms.
 "Subject to change" quickly followed by
"We reserve the right to refuse any wagering transaction for any reason"
Fact of the matter is If you're losing you never have to fear T&Cs but if you're winning and are becoming a risk and liability to the ponzi betting firms profits you better fear the reaper as T&Cs are coming to cut their losses ! and squeeze you out.

Sad thing really is the meaning of wager is gone "An agreement under which each bettor pledges a certain amount to the other depending on the outcome of an unsettled matter"
with no policing bettings firms can doctrine T&Cs create false gambles #Bookmakers practice !
Then can create a prevalence of aggressively using Subliminal  advertising and  sponsorship which now invariably is  raising concern because of  the exposure and potential impact  this may have on the youth of today .

In a nutshell betting firms are creating their own cult following  who will adhere to their T&Cs. They then lure in the naive youth by subliminal programming them to lose.  Creating more and more profits for the Ponzi system.

This needs to STOP educate yourself learn to counteract the Subliminal  advertising don't be a lad broke life target. Have your own self control of how you bet and use Responsible Gambling  and not the ponzi betting firms way.

Did I hear mention of the Competition Authority would they be of help ? answers on a postcard please.

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