Monday, March 09, 2015

Do you REALLY know how much your winning or losing? when betting online ?

Betting firms are aiming to be more helpful in creating a more responsible gaming/gambling future with its core focus working directly with customers Ah-Hmmm? 

Surely in this modern age of technology, online betting accounts now should have easy access to a weekly, monthly, yearly profit/Loss menu but alas most betting firms don't. Simple reason! they don't have to point out the obvious to you the customer to whether you are in the red zone of losses and end up losing you as a valued customer  " Fancy a free bet "  loyal customer.  

Simple request 
For those who are winning and know they're own profit and losses you know what happens next. Betting firms will just restrict your account and move you on, Its that simple.
Betting firms know problem gamblers need the next fix of winning and that they're not thinking of the previous losses fact.  

If betting firms really want to start showing more responsible gambling they must start by having  a profit & loss menu within online betting accounts making it a reality to how much money they are spending losing online.    

Betting firms will always be waiting for you to contact them. If you start becoming a problem gambler.  Betting firms  are not going to point out this our to you, even though they are the ones who know how much of a problem it has become before you do!
In which case its normally an end game for you as a person/gambler which is far too late in my opinion.   

Here is sample website to Sports Betting Record Keeping on the Internet.

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