Thursday, July 17, 2014

#TopRant of the week. Horse racing meetings, Sports events , Virtual betting Its blowing my f*%king mind

Long gone are the days of just a handful of race meetings, sport events to sink your teeth into. Horseracing was a simple checklist of  strike rates between  trainers / Jockeys, ground conditions, course and distance,  Ah the good old days .
Nowadays Its a bookmakers paradise whether you bet  online or in the local betting shops. These days we need to be, or be part of the elite 5% who are making a profit perhaps making a living from gambling  but for us normal regular punters who feel, we have the edge Yes us the disillusioned. The truth is we will never beat the betting firms #Fact. Guess what if we did,  they would be out of business ! Otherwise we would be sipping  ice-cold drinks just served up to us on sandy beach somewhere but Sadly That's not the case for us,  as we are probably at work, in the pub, at home wondering how did we just lose that bet, while staring back into our laptops, smartphones  or newspapers, maybe justifying paying a monthly, yearly   subscription  for  the next big horse racing, sports betting  system but In reality what we really want is a PROFIT RICH RIGHT NOW SYSTEM  thats is what we the 95%  are looking for in the gambling community imo.
Even the national lottery are lapping it up online , fancy your chances on a virtual scratch card ?
Not only have we every Independent betting site/forum site claiming  they will help you win  and guide you in the right direction to the effing bookmakers more so if your a first time customer so they can get their cut! F*%k it even the bookmakers are giving you the heads up on sports events and horse racing  tips.
Oh how I do enjoy a good laugh at the propaganda from betting firms reminds me of a line from a film
Hi I'm Paddy I'm your Friend till the END! . Betting firms are all in this money whirlwind together collecting all our money money money bit like the government with regeneration spread the problem and profits all over the country Mmmmm
You have to applaud  Bookmakers money well spent on their behalf  marketing triggers, subconscious psychology, They have our heads in their cloud (YES THEY DO ) A headless betting cloud they then engulf  us with this cloud betting in play, guaranteed odds every  market  thats f*&king possible O the old favourite Virtual nothing Virtual about a winner makes me laugh every time but not for the punter backing Virtuals. Bookmakers have us  thinking  we are winning but in truth they hand out lollipops to us happy kids to keep us sweet from time to time and we think, we are high kings winners for the day while handing the profits back while still thinking were on a f%*king roll baby.
WELCOME TO THE 95% CLUB You know who you are.

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